Well hello there, welcome to my first post & thank you for stopping by.

Do y’all know what meetup is?  If not, I highly suggest you check it out.  Meetup has been such a lifesaver for me.

In July of 2011 I attended a “new in town” meetup & that is where I met my extra wonderfully awesome boyfriend who we shall lovingly call “The German.”  I was quite hesitant about going to a meetup.  I mean seriously, I’m almost 30 years old – I should have friends right?  Well, of course, I have friends, but at the time I had just embarked on a new journey in life.  I moved to a new city where I knew a few people, but not enough to make me a social butterfly like I was in my early to mid 20s.  After a few weeks of debating about attending a meetup & even more time spent thinking I was lame for going to a meetup by myself, I finally said alright girl get your ass up & go meet people – you’re fabulous & people will love you.  Turns out I was right!  Not only did I meet my boyfriend, I met a ton of other 20 something new in town peeps who were looking to do the exact same thing I was – expand their social network.

The boyfriend and I, now that we’ve formed a bigger social network, are meetup junkies!  We go to new in town meetups, couples meetups, wine tasting meetups & all that good stuff.  So if you’ve been thinking about trying it out and you’re nervous about going alone, feeling lame, being scared (or any of those other crazy emotions associated with randomly meeting people) let me be the first to tell you that meetup is a fantastic way to network, it’s a fantastic way to make friends and even build long lasting relationships.

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